Whether as a growing kid or a young adult, at one point or the other, we’ve seeked to know our purpose in life. Yes maybe in one way or the other, purpose is linked to Passion. Our passion drives us to our purpose, that thing you have in mind to do or say, that intention of yours that you feel should come to pass is the passion that drives you, when fulfilled is what I call fulfilling your purpose. Passion drives us to our purpose. That strong feeling of enthusiasm, that feeling of excitement, to do something that we don’t feel fulfilled without implementing is our passion.

But then I think for our passion to drive us to our purpose, we need to have a determined mindset and a working spirit. What I mean is “someone who has the passion for something might not be determined to get that thing, and when not determined, there’s no working spirit”. Passion is just like a want, if you want it fight for it, work towards it until it’s yours. Fine you want that dream of yours to come true but what steps have you taken towards actualizing that dream. A simple example is an individual who has passion for Dancing and yet makes no move when music being played. For our passion to be become our purpose, a determined mindset along with a working spirit must come along with our passion. Passion drives us to purpose but we need to work for it. I think I would have to differentiate between passion, love for something, determined mindset, purpose, goal and dreams. But then you have to follow @official_starlywrites on FB and IG. let’s know what you think or your thoughts about this in the comments section.

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