We need to learn more lessons

Life has so many different ways of teaching us the lessons we need to learn. Most times, the lessons life has to teach us are not taught in a simple way. Some can come in form of hardship or trial and we take it for something else and don’t end up learning the lessons we should from the situation, We overlook things and take them for granted. Often we don’t do and see things the way we should claiming it was never meant to be that way.

Life is simple and complicated at the same time, it just depends on the perspective that we see it from. Accepting what life has to offer and the lessons embedded in it is a big decision to make I would say because you would have to accept whatever it throws at you or work against it. This solely depends on how you choose to live life itself.

As simple as how life presents itself to be, when it turns around and twist itself, one would feel as if it has reborn itself. For me I would say, I don’t trust life anyway, because it could turn it’s back at you at anytime. Just as the earth rotates, life could be on your side now and drift away from you the next minute. You never can tell what would happen next. LIFE IS MYSTERY ITSELF. Just learn your lessons and move on.

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